Janitorial & Engineering Services

Janitorial services are provided five nights a week, Sunday through Thursday. The janitorial staff will not dispose of items unless they are placed in the trash/recycling bin or if they display the trash/basura label. Trash / Basura labels can be obtained by the Building Management Office.

Special cleaning requests (e.g., carpet cleaning, refrigerator cleaning, dishwasher operations) can be made through the Building Management Office. Tenant is required to provide cost approval before request is scheduled.

To facilitate a timely response, tenants should be familiar with the following procedures for requesting building services:

  1. Enter service requests into the online service request portal at https://www.tenanthandbooks.com/.
  2. For emergencies, call the Building Management Office at (408) 736-7609 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. After normal business hours, calls to this number will be answered by the answering service.

Response time to the request will vary, but the request can usually be categorized in the following manner:

Request Type Response Time
Emergency: Leak, etc. Immediate
Comfort: Temperature adjustment 1-3 hours
Cleaning Spills, etc. 30 minutes
Special requests Scheduled
Light bulb changes 24-48 hours
Access card activate / deactivate 24 hours
  1. If the request is for a special service, a tenant request estimate will be filled out explaining the nature of the work involved by an outside contractor. The tenant will be required to sign the estimate to authorize work to be initiated prior to commencement of project.
  2. Each tenant is required to designate one point of contact and one backup person for efficient communications with the Building Management Office. All service requests should come from the contact or backup person. It is recommended that the current Suite Warden and Alternate Suite Warden assume this position.
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